The mission of stormwater management is to improve and/or maintain stormwater drainage and discharge that have a significant adverse impact on the health, safety, and general welfare o the residents of Hamblen County and on the natural environment.

Stormwater is the runoff that occurs over land, roads, parking lots, and other surfaces during and after rain events. If it rains hard enough, water cannot be absorbed into the ground and instead flows over the surface, where it picks up dirt, chemicals, sediment and other pollutants and debris and plays a large role in local water pollution.

The Hamblen County’s Annual Stormwater Report is now available for review and comments. Please submit all questions or comments to the Hamblen County Planning Department by Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at (423) 581-1373

Stormwater Regulations

Important Info

Tina Whitaker – Stormwater Coordinator
Lindsey Horn – Clerical Assistant
Darrell Chase – Stormwater Inspector
Tommy McKinney – Stormwater Inspector

Phone: (423) 581-1373

Stormwater Hotline: (423) 585-4077
Please note that this hotline is for stormwater inquiries ONLY. For questions about permits, zoning issues, or violation letters, please call the office phone (423) 585-1373.