Elected Officials

County Mayor Bill Brittain E-Mail 423-586-1931
Sheriff Esco Jarnagin E-Mail 423-586-3781
Register of Deeds Jim Clawson E-Mail 423-586-6551
Circuit Court Clerk Teresa West E-Mail 423-586-5640
Trustee Scotty Long E-Mail 423-586-6290
Assessor of Property Keith Ely E-Mail 423-586-1852
Road Superintendent Barry Poole E-Mail 423-586-3273
County Clerk Penny Petty E-Mail 423-586-1993
General Sessions Judge Division 1 Judge Doug Collins E-Mail 423-586-5640
General Sessions Judge Division 2 Judge Janice Snider E-Mail 423-587-1239
Chancellor – 3rd Judicial District Judge Douglas T. Jenkins 423-272-4311
Criminal Court Judge Judge John Dugger 423-586-8640

Department Heads

Finance Director Anne Bryant-Hurst abryant-hurst@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-586-1931
Emergency Mgmt. Director Chris Bell cbell@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-581-6225
Cherokee Park Director Frank Parker fparker@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-586-5232
Director of Schools Dr. Jeff Perry 423-586-7700
Administrator of Elections Jeff Gardner jgardner@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-586-7169
Clerk & Master Kathy Jones-Terry kathy.jones-terry@tncourts.gov 423-586-9112
Juvenile Services Director Cyndi Trent-Doty ctrent@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-581-9422
Veteran’s Service Officer Timothy Williams timothy.williams@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-586-6830
Planning Dept Manager Tina Whitaker twhitaker@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-581-1373
Work Program Director Don Baird dbaird@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-581-4530
Human Resource Manager  Wendy Williams wendy.williams@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-586-1931
Drug Court Director Penny Knight pknight@CO.hamblen.tn.us 423-585-2025

Additional Resources

UT Ag Extension Mannie Bedwell E-Mail 423-586-6111